The yoga of courageous living and bravely failing.

When is the last time you really showed up? I mean for real showed up. Not just when it was pretty and beautiful but when it was messy, gross and disgusting? Through the practice of self-inquiry, curiosity and courage, the simple act of showing up in the funk of life can be one of the most powerful acts of vulnerability. This level of vulnerability offers a deep connection that can’t be felt when we are all acting like our lives are perfect. Melissa has been facilitating transformation workshops, weekend retreats and individual experiences for over a decade and hopes to bring a loving, judgment-free space where all that is required is to (as Brene Brown puts it) Show Up. Live Brave. Be Seen. What to Expect:  Tools and techniques for self-inquiry using Byron Katie’s process called “The Work”  Meditative writing allowing the truth to be seen, to be loved and to be honored  How to integrate yoga into the process of vulnerability and courageous livin