July 18, 2017

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Formula for Transformation

October 9, 2017

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FAQ's for the Winter Big Om Yoga Retreat

January 9, 2018

Do I have to be an expert Yogi to attend the Big Om Yoga Retreat?

No! All classes are beginner friendly and there are also options for workshops that are sit-down style and have limited physical movement. You can plan your entire weekend around your physical preferences and comfort level, and all movement-style workshops and yoga classes are beginner friendly. We always encourage you honor your body and your intention, and only do what you feel comfortable doing in all of the classes and ceremonies.




1.What are the facilities/amenities like?

The Bunkhouse includes hotel-style rooms, separate bathrooms (men and women’s) that include multiple toilet stalls and separate shower stalls and changing area, and a Great Room with space for yoga classes, eating, and workshops. You also have access to the lodge’s amenities which include a restaurant, outdoor playground and pool (burrr), community room, vending machines, and access to the park’s trails. The park also has available a disc and golf course. Your stay in the Bunkhouse (included with retreat ticket) has all the amenities you need to have a comfortable stay. If you require any special assistance (wheelchair accessibility, etc.), please email us at bigomyogaretreat@gmail.com so we can make sure we will have everything you need before arriving at the retreat for check-in.


2. Will I be sharing a room with someone?

Yes. The Bunkhouse has its own row of private hotel rooms with two queen beds in each room. A few of the rooms have additional bunk beds. The bathrooms are separate from the rooms and include showers and changing areas. You may be sharing a room or even a bed with someone.


3. Do I get to choose who I share a room with?

If you have any preferences regarding who you would like to room with, please send an email bigomyogaretreat@gmail.com and include your name and the name of the person(s) you would like to room with.


4. How many people am I sharing with?

You will be sharing a room with anywhere between 2 to 4 people. In rooms where a bunk bed is included, you could be sharing a room with 2 or 4 additional people.


5. What if I want to stay alone? What are my options?

The Bunkhouse at Sequoyah State Park is situated directly beside Sequoyah Lodge and is only a short walk of about twenty feet away from the lodge. The Sequoyah Lodge has two levels of hotel rooms and amenities provided. You will be a short walk away from the Bunkhouse’s Great Room and other workshop rooms. To book your own room at Sequoyah Lodge, call (918) 772-2545 or visit their website


6. If I am willing to drive, can I drive to the location each day?

Sequoyah State Park is about an hour’s drive from Tulsa. The day begins at 8am on Saturday and Sunday and ends at 10pm on Friday and Saturday. Although driving to the park each day is an option, we recommend staying on site in the Bunkhouse or close by at Sequoyah Lodge. This also ensures you stay connected to your other new yoga friends, and receive the full experience of the community present at the retreat.


7. Will I miss out on some of the activities if I drive to the location each day?

If you would like to drive to the retreat each day, you may miss out on activities depending on your arrival and departure time. Staying separately will also limit your ability to connect with your fellow yogis that organically happen during the off-time of the retreat schedule in the mornings and evenings. 


8. I use (ear plugs, CPAP, sound machine, etc.) to sleep. If I am sharing a room, I am worried that will disturb the other person. How do I handle this?  

We are happy to make any accomodations you need when you check-in. Check-in starts at 4:00pm. Arrive with plenty of time to meet your roommate and find out if there are any issues with sound machines or sleeping preferences, and we will meet your needs to the best of our ability. If you know you do not want to room with someone, please book your own room at the Sequoyah Lodge by calling (918) 772-2545 or visit their website.


9. What should I pack?

Bring your own toiletries, yoga mat, coffee mug, snacks, comfortable clothes for moving and doing yoga, your favorite pillow (sheets, comforter, and hotel pillows will also be provided), and a towel or washcloth if you don’t want to use the lodge’s. Bring some snacks, a journal and pen for writing, your favorite coffee mug, and anything that will make your stay more comfortable (house slippers, sleeping mask, extra blanket, your favorite spoon, etc). All the workshops will be inside, but bring warm clothes and walking boots if you would like to explore the trails and beauty of Sequoyah State Park.




1. Are meals included?

Saturday Breakfast and Dinner are provided. Check out the Big Om Instagram to see the full menu of food. We will have make-your-own peanut butter and jelly available for lunch on Saturday. We recommend you bring your own snacks or to-go meals for Friday night and Saturday midday. There will be limited fridge space available and a microwave. On Sunday morning, we gather leftovers and have a potluck style meal. Coffee, tea, and other beverages are available all hours of the day. Bring your own coffee mug for your morning coffee or tea.


2. I have a (insert any type of food allergy or restriction: celiac, peanuts, lactose intolerant, etc.). How do I handle this while at the retreat? Do I need to let someone know?

Each meal provided will be vegan with vegetarian and gluten-free options. For any mild food allergies, please inform our Chef, Kris Wyatt, at the retreat of your preferences so she can inform you of the ingredients of each meal. If you have any serious food allergies and need to prepare for the weekend ahead of time, send us an email at bigomyogaretreat@gmail.com to find out the full ingredients in each food item.


3. Can we bring snacks or our own food?

Yes, feel free to bring your own snacks or food. We recommend enough snacks or to-go meals for Friday night and Saturday midday. There will be limited fridge space available, a toaster, and a microwave. On Sunday morning, we gather leftovers and have a potluck style meal. We will have coffee, tea, and other beverages are available all hours of the day. Bring your own coffee mug for your morning coffee or tea.


4. Are there places for food preparation (microwave, toaster, mini fridge, etc.)?

There will be utensils and tableware, limited fridge space available, a toaster, and a microwave available for your use. Please bring your favorite coffee mug. If you are bringing lots of snacks, we recommend you bring your own cooler to ensure they stay cold due to limited fridge space.



Click here see the schedule, look at photos of the space and rooms, and read more about the Winter Big Om Yoga Retreat, or sign up now before it's too late. 



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