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Inner Peace at Big Om

By Staff on December 27, 2016

For a weekend of reflection, inner peace and personal connections, visit the Big Om Yoga winter retreat at the Lodge at Sequoyah State Park near Hulbert.

Joe Picorale, the owner of Be Love Yoga Studio and creator of the retreat, was unable to find a local haven for yoga enthusiasts and was spurred into action.

“I personally wanted to have a fun, local and affordable retreat for myself. It didn’t exist, so I created it,” he says. “These retreats are also a taste of what a strong ongoing community would be like to live in.”

With four retreats a year, every season brings a different theme and focus to the gathering. The upcoming winter retreat will concentrate on renewal.

“The winter retreat will be about creating the you that you want to be,” he says. “The classes will also include lots of deep internal work via discussion and interaction style workshops.”

With such an overwhelming atmosphere of suppport, participants often create strong bonds with each other during their stays.

“The sense of a loving community is so strong at these retreats,” he says. “It is incredible.”

With an intentionally low price to keep the retreat accessible, Picorale promises that everyone – from young to old, coach potato to seasoned athlete – is welcome.

“People often ask if they are ‘good enough’ to come. Everyone can come,” he says. “We had people from ages 13 to 60 at our retreats, and they all loved it and all did great.”

The Big Om Yoga Retreat takes place Jan. 6-8. To reserve your spot, visit

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