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We are super excited to have an amazing line-up of talented instructors and teachers to lead the Winter Big Om Yoga Retreat.  Read below to learn more about the wonderful humans who will be leading each experience.
Evening of Relaxation-15.jpg
Hailey Boswell, Manager of Be Love Yoga Studios

Hailey first started doing yoga in college for the physical benefits it offered, but it didn’t take long before she felt the change yoga was making in her heart and mind as well as the body. Yoga helped her deal with the stress of working her way through college in a positive way, and continues to do so. She discovered a new sense of love for herself and others, which she had never felt before. Yoga invites her true authentic self to shine through, and allows her to feel more confident in everything she does. Hailey received her 200-hour teacher certification from Everyone Yoga School in May 2016. She teaches a vinyasa flow style class and enjoys teaching all types of classes ranging from soft, medium, to powerful.

Mandie Renner.jpeg
Mandie Renner, School of Metaphysics Level 3

Mandie Renner is a spiritual seeker. She began studying consciousness, mindfulness practices, and emotions in 2013. Mandie has completed 8 years of study in Metaphysics and earned her Psi counseling certificate in 2021. She is a full time Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, she is a mother of 3 beautiful children and resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband, Mack.

nicole two.jpg
Nicole Peltier Hall, Owner of The Yoga Room

Nicole Peltier studied at Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz mountains of California in 2000. She and Tom Tobias opened The Yoga Room in 2001. Her classes are creative and inclusive, all students seem to benefit and enjoy her style of teaching. She enjoys combining music of all kinds with her flow yoga classes and has been using live music to take her class experience to the next level. She also loves teaching beginners and mellow stretch classes. Most of her classes are powerful and energetic, so be prepared to go the distance.

Dr. Ivy Norris, Wholistic Health Professional

Dr. Ivy Norris is a wholistic health professional living in Tulsa, OK. Ivy brings a depth of training and experience to her practice with 25 years teaching applied metaphysics and in the practice of naturopathic health principles. 


To help others find their inner and outer alignment is Ivy's driving passion. She believes that with the right support we are capable of healing and living from our wholeness. The tools Ivy uses include bodywork, such as the Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, muscle testing, nutritional consulting, dream interpretation, and counseling, all of which can help bring balance, aiding us to cross over from one state to another. 

The heart of her work is to identify unhelpful patterns and to transition to patterns that support our truest self expression.


Some of the degrees Ivy holds include Doctorates of Divinity and Metaphysics, as well as an ordination as an Interfaith Minister. She also trained with Trinity College and their certification program as a natural health professional with an emphasis on nutrition, supplementation and muscle testing.


For more information on her practice, where she is teaching, or to contact her regarding hands-on or virtual sessions and counseling, please find her at Ivy's Holistic Health on Facebook or email


Kate Bryan.jpeg
Kate Bryan from Veg Out Tulsa

Kate found her passion for cooking as a deep meditative practice a decade ago. She has been vegan for a little under 6 years and by living out her own truth she is now been able to share food as medicine with her community. She has education in nutrition, and a deep dedication to serving others. She studied yoga in Newport Beach, CA in 2019 and teaches locally when she isn’t at the farmers market or whipping up goodness in the kitchen! She strives to bring her two worlds together as her company “Veg Out Tulsa” organically formed; starting in a local yoga studio as a meal prep professional in an Ayurvedic medicine cleanse under a practitioner. From there she has taken off with weekly mason jar meal prep menus, multiple local business caterings, BE LOVES 8th birthday celebration, and now on to her favorite niche- catering yoga retreats. She believes mind, body, and soul is the beautiful trifecta we should always be striving to nourish. Having these two passions intertwine has allowed her to live out her dreams and step into purpose. “My purpose is rooted in food medicine. I found this in a very organic way and as a yoga instructor, I believe it is essential in our practice to fuel our bodies with beautiful nutrition from the earth. I’m so excited to share this space with each of you, and strive to make your tummies and hearts happy! “​

Hannah Bell.jpeg
Hannah Bell, RYT 200

Hannah Bell completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in the summer of 2018 at Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, California. With an extensive background in the culinary arts, Hannah has a wide breadth of knowledge of what it means to serve. While her yoga classes can be challenging in many ways you can always count on a point of levity. Her teacher, Baba Hari Dass, encouraged the attitude of ‘work is play’. Her personal mantra is to be silly, honest, and kind. When taking her class you can always count on her encouragement to lean into the human experience and all of the complexities it has to offer. Yoga can be whatever you want it to be; a stretch, a breath, an hour to just turn your phone off, or something far deeper. She will meet you wherever you’re at with mindfulness and the intention to serve. She knows the real work is stepping off of her mat and carrying the practice into the rest of the world.

Joe Picorale, Owner of Be Love Yoga Studios

Joe began practicing yoga in 2010 and is a RYT 200.  He was one of the original founders of the I AM Yoga Festival in the fall of 2010 and opened the first Be Love Yoga Studio in 2013.  With the help of the growing #belovecommunity at Be Love Yoga Studio Joe has since expanded with a second studio in Downtown Jenks America and two franchised studios in Bristow, OK and Owasso, OK.  Joe's passion is connecting people and creating the framework for a community that will change the world.  Joe is the creator of the Big Om Yoga Retreat and teaches regularly at both Be Love Yoga Studio Locations.  

Mark and ALison
Mark Wilson and Alison Anthony 

What can I let go of that no longer serves me? Mark answered that question by letting go of his addiction to alcohol, and his road to recovery took a positive turn when he first placed his mat down in the Be Love Tulsa studio in fall of ‘17. As his practice grew, so did his commitment to living a life of sobriety. One aspect that really helped him during this time was being introduced to Raven Yoga by Nicole Peltier. The support of his loving spouse & children led him to Everyone Yoga School Teacher Training, facilitated by Mandy Eubanks & Melissa Smith, and he completed his 200hr yoga teacher certification in March, 2020. Mark also completed the Earth Element- Trauma Infored Yoga Therapy Training in October, 2020. Mark has discovered a mindfulness & meditation practice, thanks to his teacher & mentor Dr. Steve Hoppes, which he includes in his daily ritual. The power & calming effect of the breath is not lost in Mark’s asana practice, but rather fully embraced. One quote you’ll hear him say in class is that “It’s a yoga practice...not yoga perfect”! Expect to settle in, clear your mind space, become present & breathe in Mark’s class. You will find him teaching soft & restorative and medium level classes, and he may even incorporate traditional Native American music & song being he was raised in a very traditional Cherokee upbringing. When Mark is the student, you’ll find him taking some power classes & also enjoying hot yoga! Mark is grateful for his Be Love family, some who have been right there supporting him on his Recovery journey. He is also very grateful for all the yoga teachers who have influenced & shaped him into the person he is today. He invites you into his class, where you will be greeted & welcomed w/an open heart & feel the support of Mother Earth as we honor the practice of yoga. Wado...(thank you in Cherokee)

Alfred Meneses, RYT 200 

Alfie started practicing as a way to recover from a weight lifting regimen and to destress from working retail management. He soon realized that Yoga started giving him something much deeper; he found higher self-esteem, self-love, and empowerment he never found from just working out in a gym. After a year and a half of practicing, he received his RYT-200 from ViraVinyasa Yoga School in April 2018. Other training Alfie has received include 15 hours of Yin Yoga with Melissa Christensen and 17 hours of Pranayama with Mark Stephens. Alife teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation in public classes as well on his Youtube channel, “Fully Inspired: Yoga by Alfie”. Beyond the physical aspects, Alfie believes compassion, vulnerability, transparency, and heartfelt playfulness are key aspects in attaining true strength and empowerment. The heart of Alfie’s teaching comes from the connection between his practice and life experiences; and he strives to inspire his students to connect their movement and breath on the mat to how they move and breathe through life off the mat.

Fully Inspired Yoga by Alfie

Nicole Cruz.jpeg
Nicole Cruz, Womoon Healing

Puertorican born and raised, now living in Dallas. Nicole is a trauma informed Yoga Teacher, with extensive knowledge in asana, meditation and breathwork, a Women Circle Facilitator focused on awakening the Feminine energy, and a Spiritual Empowerment Coach guiding people to "deep-program" colonialism and patriarchy to find their higher purpose. She loves the sea, sunsets, mountains, and anything that involves connecting with nature and the elementals. She started her professional career as a CPA, later doing Finance, but never finding fulfillment or passion for it, and deciding to leave this career forever in the Summer of 2022. 


Suffering from chronic myofascial pain for 3 years, sucked into a codependent and toxic relationship, and disconnected from her intuition made her drift away from her true calling, and put a pause to her long life dream of traveling the world. She was lost for a long time, but never lost hope that one day she would find her way back to her soul. After a massive breake-up and other tough traumatic events, she found refuge back in Puerto Rico and reconnected with her longtime spiritual teacher. After moving back to Dallas in early 2021, and going through a dark night of the soul, she birthed her business, Womoon Healing.


She uses both science based practices and shamanic energetic healing modalities to create transformation at the most subtle levels. Her mission is driven by her hunger to serve others. She works every day to inspire, educate, and create spaces that promote healing from the inside out. Her wish is that everyone finds who they truly are at their core and what they are truly passionate about, and can make a living out of that. Her dream is still to travel the world, now sharing the tools that helped her.

Amy Campbell.jpeg
Amy Campbell, Spiritualist

Amy started her spiritual journey in a serious way in 1987 when she got sober in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. She has been a devoted member of AA and eventually Alanon and Adult Children of Alcoholics for 35 years. On 12-21-2012 she attended her first Mastery of Consciousness class at the School of Metaphysics (SOM)
in Tulsa. She quickly learned that she wasn’t “normal” and needed to be creating with people that completely understood her plight. Her love and gratitude for these two programs is unequaled. From the first class at SOM she knew that she wanted to understand why the SOM could take me to the next level of spiritual growth and how
could she provide such learning for the many people who were “stuck” in sobriety and eventually would commit suicide. She found the answer in the process of self-reflection using the Law of Attraction and Relativity or better said, using relationships with divine partners or friends or institutions understanding that they are only here to reflect back to you your wound or your love. She has developed a process which she has named “The Sacred Relationship” that will be shared and taught in many different ways in the future to serve men and women to experience soul growth and a deeper love for God, their partners and ultimately themselves.

Amy taught Mastery of Consciousness classes at the SOM for 6 years, was the Director of both OKC and Tulsa branches and served as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for 4 years. She has a double Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business Administration. Amy loves dogs, in particular Schnauzers. She currently lives in Oklahoma City, OK where she has resided for the last 5 years. Prior to OKC she was a proud resident of Tulsa, OK for 40 years. Her work passion is helping Medicare and Medicaid recipients understand their insurance needs. She is a card-carrying Aries sun, Cancer moon, Virgo rising and a proud Ennagram 8. She is currently planning and developing a retreat center which will be located between OKC and Tulsa. She can be contacted at:
cell: 918.720.3131

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