We are super excited to have an amazing line-up of talented instructors and teachers to lead the Spring Big Om Yoga Retreat.  Read below to learn more about the wonderful humans who will be leading each experience.
Nicole Peltier Hall, Owner of The Yoga Room

Nicole Peltier studied at Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz mountains of California in 2000. She and Tom Tobias opened The Yoga Room in 2001. Her classes are creative and inclusive, all students seem to benefit and enjoy her style of teaching. She enjoys combining music of all kinds with her flow yoga classes and has been using live music to take her class experience to the next level. She also loves teaching beginners and mellow stretch classes. Most of her classes are powerful and energetic, so be prepared to go the distance.

Megan B.jpeg
Megan Amelia Burnett, 200 E-RYT, YACEP

A devoted dancer and athlete her whole life, Megan has a passion for movement and sharing the joy and the balance that dancing and yoga both guide us to.  In 2006, after dabbling in a few 'gym yoga' classes, she took her first studio class with an instructor who actually touched her and helped align her properly into a pose. She was hooked and immediately started to see a transformation in her dance training and her life.  Seeking to also empower others with the tools to find balance within themselves, she started her yoga teaching journey in 2011 and has since guided classes and workshops in cities from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 


Megan's teaching approach creates a gooey, endorphin-releasing practice environment that her students refer to as 'Yummy Yoga'!  She is passionate about teaching healthy alignment and yoga 'from the ground up', which draws both beginners and experienced practitioners to classes that are both playful and soulful.  When not in the studio, she's with her son, romping outside, playing her ukulele or cooking/ dancing in the kitchen. 

Danielle Smoke, Fire Goddess

Danielle started practicing yoga in the spring of 2016. When her studio lost their instructor in fall of 2016 she started teacher training to take over this missing role in the winter. She started teaching before she was even finished with her training in 2017.She attended the first fall retreat and has been to all but one since. She went to a Henna Workshops at Be Love Yoga Studio Jenks and has been drawing henna on people ever since. In the Fall of 2019 she helped her friend, and regular student, open Be Love Yoga Studio Pryor and she has been teaching there since it opened.

Evening of Relaxation-15.jpg
Hailey Boswell, Manager of Be Love Yoga Studios

Hailey first started doing yoga in college for the physical benefits it offered, but it didn’t take long before she felt the change yoga was making in her heart and mind as well as the body. Yoga helped her deal with the stress of working her way through college in a positive way, and continues to do so. She discovered a new sense of love for herself and others, which she had never felt before. Yoga invites her true authentic self to shine through, and allows her to feel more confident in everything she does. Hailey received her 200-hour teacher certification from Everyone Yoga School in May 2016. She teaches a vinyasa flow style class and enjoys teaching all types of classes ranging from soft, medium, to powerful.

Alfred Meneses, RYT 200 

Alfie started yoga as a way to recover from a weight lifting regimen and to destress from working retail management. He soon realized that Yoga started giving him something much deeper; he found higher self-esteem and self-love, and empowerment he never found from just working out in a gym. After two years of practicing, he received his RYT-200 from ViraVinyasa Yoga School in April 2018. 


Alfie teaches medium-level and powerful classes in his signature Vinyasa(less) Alignment Flow format. His classes focus on building total mind-body awareness through safe alignment, foundation, muscle action, core strength, spinal integrity, and breath work. His intention is to facilitate a challenging yet accessible experience with options to modify or progress, thus empowering each individual no matter where they are in their practice. Beyond the physical aspects, Alfie believes compassion, vulnerability, transparency, and heartfelt playfulness are the most important aspects to attaining true strength and empowerment-body, mind, and spirit.


Vinyasa(less) Alignment Flow is Alfie's signature format which serves as the blueprint for his flow-based classes. Alfie teaches a well rounded flow of standing and balancing poses, woven around a theme, biomechanic focus, or challenge pose. The hallmark of Alfie's classes come from his minimal to no vinyasas approach. Geared towards practitioners of any level, the omission of vinyasas (high to low plank - up dog - down dog) provides an accessible class to those with wrist or shoulder injuries or conditions, yet stays true to the fluidity and grace of a Vinyasa flow class and the challenge and vigor of a Power class.


Alfie draws influence from traditional and postmodern Vinyasa, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Iyengar. He utilizes creative yet intellectually sound sequences to build a class that is safe, grounding, opening, strengthening, balanced, and meditative for the individual overall-body, mind, breath, and spirit. 

Angela Kristiansen aka Tera Kaliyan 

Working with women internationally, Tera Kaliyan helps them uncover the source of wounds and blockages so they can get out of their own way, release self-doubt and really shine their light in the world.  Her intention is for her clients to live freer, fuller and brighter lives. Using a 3 month 1:1 coaching container, she facilitates a holistic and individualized journey toward healing. Like so many of us, her path toward working in the healing arts started with her own journey of healing. Angela discovered yoga in 2010 and completed her RYT 200 training in 2012.  Suffering from chronic stress due to her life being out of alignment (wrong job, wrong marriage etc) she continued to peel back the layers of untruth.  She began to find her way by exploring and training in Integrative Nutrition, Reiki, Plant Medicine, Breathwork, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Numerology, Human Design, Astrocartography, Astrology and metaphysical healing.  The number one common thing that keeps her feeling the most confident and clear,  is yoga / meditation, the foundation of her temple.  Recently Tera Kaliyan has been initiated as a Priestess of the Rose lineage. She is delighted by the power of Tantra and the Divine Feminine for really upleveling Consciousness, getting closer to the Divine Mother and the Cosmos, and expressing pure creative energy.  Her mission is to help spiritual women reconnect to their true power in order to help bridge the New Earth.  Tera Kaliyan is offering FREE Clarity calls to the Big Om community!  You can text her at 757-581-2105 and she will send you a scheduling link.  You can also connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.  @MyHolisticMystic  

Nate Huddleston, Retreat Chef

Nate is a Missouri native, but, began his career here in Tulsa. His love of cooking was kindled from his grandmother and has continued to blossom with each new experience. The previous kitchens he’s worked in include: foolish things bar & biscuit, the bull in the alley, and most recently is a patissier at the tavern in downtown Tulsa. If he’s not in the kitchen you’ll find him at a local coffee shop, camping, oil painting, or practicing yoga.

Joe Picorale, Owner of Be Love Yoga Studios

Joe began practicing yoga in 2010 and is a RYT 200.  He was one of the original founders of the I AM Yoga Festival in the fall of 2010 and opened the first Be Love Yoga Studio in 2013.  With the help of the growing #belovecommunity at Be Love Yoga Studio Joe has since expanded with a second studio in Downtown Jenks America and two franchised studios in Bristow, OK and Owasso, OK.  Joe's passion is connecting people and creating the framework for a community that will change the world.  Joe is the creator of the Big Om Yoga Retreat and teaches regularly at both Be Love Yoga Studio Locations.  

SInjun Wesson, Earth Citizen

Hi ya’ll, my name is Sinjun. I’m an artist, designer, and storyteller who enjoys exploring the outer limits of creativity and self-expression.

I have 6 brothers and sisters and we grew up ‘half-Amish’. I spent the last 14 years living in Los Angeles and last year moved back to Joplin, Missouri. While growing up in Joplin, a handful of friends and myself started The Underground Revolution Theatre, an eclectic art and event venue to give restless kids of all ages something to do - rather than just cruise Main street or hangout in Wal-Mart parking lots. It held open mic nights, concerts, art and comedy shows, and even a heavy metal festival that attracted protesters.

While in LA, I went to fashion design school, DJ’d, produced house and magical bass music, created art to help reclaim the swastika, and fell in love with transformational festivals and dance.  

You can always find me doing some new project or experiment. I once did a ‘fashion detox’ and wore all white for 6 months. Last September I made a vow to be spiritually monogamous for one year. And, recently I started a project called Buy Back Our Attention to crowdfund billboard space to place uplifting messages on them.

I believe we all have a galaxy of unlimited creative potential to tap into. I’m excited to explore cosmic creativity with you this weekend!

Patrick Wilborn, 200 YTT

With his roots in the visual and performing arts, having received a BFA in Musical Theatre from the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Patrick has been diving into the depths of yogic philosophy since 2016. His practice advanced to the next level during his 200 hour yoga training in Rishikesh where he was instructed in teaching Vinyasa yoga and meditation. Since then he has received certifications in Hatha yoga and Reiki energy healing and collected wisdom from all across India. Through his travels Patrick has developed a deep respect for the Sanskrit language, and a strong mantra practice fuels his love for Kirtan and Bhakti yoga.