We are super excited to have an amazing line-up of talented instructors and teachers to lead the Spring Big Om Yoga Retreat.  Read below to learn more about the wonderful humans who will be leading each experience.
Nicole Peltier Hall, Owner of The Yoga Room

Nicole Peltier studied at Mount Madonna Center in the Santa Cruz mountains of California in 2000. She and Tom Tobias opened The Yoga Room in 2001. Her classes are creative and inclusive, all students seem to benefit and enjoy her style of teaching. She enjoys combining music of all kinds with her flow yoga classes and has been using live music to take her class experience to the next level. She also loves teaching beginners and mellow stretch classes. Most of her classes are powerful and energetic, so be prepared to go the distance.

Kris Wyatt, Owner of Be Love Yoga Studio Bristow

The first time I stepped onto a yoga mat, I was looking for a new form of exercise. An hour-and-a-half later, I found myself on a new path. I had been physically active as an adult; I ran my first marathon for my 40th birthday and completed 10 more before I turned 50. I then began competitive bodybuilding, and enjoyed the challenges of training and the precision required for the competition preparation. Sadly, though, the months of preparation, whether for a 26-mile run or flexing on a stage, always felt rather anti-climactic on the actual day of the event. I was unfulfilled. Yoga took the competitive edge out of me. I began to see I didn’t need to measure or compare myself to anyone’s standards. I found myself looking forward to my time on the mat and the opportunity share that experience with others. I enrolled in The Yoga Spirit Academy and began my 200 CYT, studying with Janet Parachin. I teach at my studio in Bristow, where I offer what I have called “zero intimidation, super- fun Yoga”: a breath-based vinyasa flow class with endless opportunities for students to explore their potential. I encourage yogis to find the edge of their comfort zone and “hang out there.” I love being able to create the space for students of any ability to be curious, to be mindful, and to learn to see the world without judgment.

Hailey Boswell, Manager of Be Love Yoga Studios

Hailey first started doing yoga in college for the physical benefits it offered, but it didn’t take long before she felt the change yoga was making in her heart and mind as well as the body. Yoga helped her deal with the stress of working her way through college in a positive way, and continues to do so. She discovered a new sense of love for herself and others, which she had never felt before. Yoga invites her true authentic self to shine through, and allows her to feel more confident in everything she does. Hailey received her 200-hour teacher certification from Everyone Yoga School in May 2016. She teaches a vinyasa flow style class and enjoys teaching all types of classes ranging from soft, medium, to powerful.

Luis Antonio Tecocoatzi, RYT 200

Luis Teococatzi' practice was planted, and grown in Tulsa, OK where he continues to nurture his practice. Born out of an interest for Circus arts Luis found Acro Yoga which lead him to adopt a discipline in the full embodiment of yoga as a whole. Two years later Luis underwent his 200hr teacher training through Everyone Yoga School. Most notably Luis' peers and cohorts say that they enjoy his use of ritualistic practices which have been passed on to him through mentorship and research. Ritualistic here meaning: a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order, usually paying homoage or honor to a specific thing, happening, or event; ex the changing of seasons, birth, and letting go, to name a few.

Abbie Vincent, Owner of StudioPOP

Abbie is the owner and founder of StudioPOP. She loves the magic that happens when a group of people set aside their egos and sweat together. She's relentlessly optimistic and encouraging. In her classes you will hear alternative and dance music from all over the world.

Megan Amelia Burnett, 200 E-RYT, YACEP

A devoted dancer and athlete her whole life, Megan has a passion for movement and sharing the joy and the balance that dancing and yoga both guide us to.  In 2006, after dabbling in a few 'gym yoga' classes, she took her first studio class with an instructor who actually touched her and helped align her properly into a pose. She was hooked and immediately started to see a transformation in her dance training and her life.  Seeking to also empower others with the tools to find balance within themselves, she started her yoga teaching journey in 2011 and has since guided classes and workshops in cities from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 


Megan's teaching approach creates a gooey, endorphin-releasing practice environment that her students refer to as 'Yummy Yoga'!  She is passionate about teaching healthy alignment and yoga 'from the ground up', which draws both beginners and experienced practitioners to classes that are both playful and soulful.  When not in the studio, she's with her son, romping outside, playing her ukulele or cooking/ dancing in the kitchen. 

Joe Picorale, Owner of Be Love Yoga Studios

Joe began practicing yoga in 2010 and is a RYT 200.  He was one of the original founders of the I AM Yoga Festival in the fall of 2010 and opened the first Be Love Yoga Studio in 2013.  With the help of the growing #belovecommunity at Be Love Yoga Studio Joe has since expanded with a second studio in Downtown Jenks America and two franchised studios in Bristow, OK and Owasso, OK.  Joe's passion is connecting people and creating the framework for a community that will change the world.  Joe is the creator of the Big Om Yoga Retreat and teaches regularly at both Be Love Yoga Studio Locations.  

Zachary H. Avery, RYT 200, Massage Therapist 

Zachary teaches beginner-friendly classes that combine stretching, breathing, chanting, and meditation. These mindful, slow-paced classes focus heavily on relaxation and stress reduction. With more than 500 hours of yoga teacher training, Zachary is certified to teach a number of different styles of yoga, including Hatha, Bihar, Yin, Tantra, and Kundalini. During his classes, he often blends these various styles of yoga together to create a unique experience that’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and restored in body, mind, and soul.

Tarah Terrel, Humanistic Behavioral Therapist

Tarah is a Native from Oklahoma and a member of the Cherokee tribe. Currently, she is finishing her degree in Psychology and merging the field of mental health with the realms of the Spirit and the ways of her ancestors. Tarah is a Humanistic Behavioral Therapist that assists her clients in unlocking and clearing the conditioning and trauma most have received throughout their journey thus far which allows the psyche to reach a state of harmony. This path of self-actualization reconnects clients to their highest potential alignment. She guides others through the process of rewiring and rerouting aspects of human behavior allowing the person to take control of the mind, body, and emotions enabling them to live their most authentic life.

Ultimately, Tarah has gone through her own path of healing and integration. She has battled addiction, depression, and loss. Coming out victorious, she is able to show others the way and goes to the depths with her clients to find the hidden gems of wisdom that unlock the dimensions within. 

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