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Exploration of your Psychic Self and Your Connection to Spirit with Shelly Wilson.  Psychic means “of the soul.” Everyone has a sixth sense and is capable of developing their intuition as well as heightening and honing their psychic abilities. Join Intuitive Medium and Conscious Creator Shelly Wilson to explore the facets of who you are – your spirit – as well as your connection to the Spirit realm. Many individuals long to know their purpose. Who am I? Why I am here? What am I supposed to be doing? Asking these questions ignites the spark within us and offers us the opportunity to connect to our Higher self – the knowingness of our soul.

Allow yourself the opportunity to explore, discover, learn and embrace the aspects of your spirit, so that you can connect more fully with the Spirit realm. Choose to connect to the YOU within. Clear your mind and open your heart. All of the answers that you seek can be found within if you take the time to listen.

This presentation will offer insight, a chakra clearing exercise and a meditation to release any energetic blocks in order to create consciously with heightened awareness. In addition, Shelly will also be offering you messages from your angels, guides and loved ones in Spirit.

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