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Reserve your board for the Summer Big Om Yoga Retreat. We will be offering five lake excursions and there is a limit of 9 boards per class. This will be a first come first serve basis unless you would like to reserve your spot right now for an extra $10.  

*You must have a ticket to the Big Om Yoga Retreat to sign up for any of these classes.  

RESERVE A BOARD for the 8:00am Sunrise SUP 

RESERVE A BOARD for the 10:30am SUP Class

RESERVE A BOARD for the 12:30pm SUP Class 

RESERVE A BOARD for the 2:30pm SUP Class 

RESERVE A BOARD for the 7:00pm Sunset SUP Class

This year the we are giving you freedom on your Stand Up Paddle board.  There will be a small class on safety and how to navigate.  Your time may include a very short led yoga class to start.  You will be given freedom to roam (within viewing distance of home beach) and play on the board at your own discretion.  Staying with the group or a small group will be part of your safety training.  

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