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Doctor Green

Medical cannabis dispensary located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is our mission to provide the highest quality medicine to our patients with absolute integrity. We are grateful to have Doctor Green as our main event sponsor.

"Deliver the highest quality medicine to our patients with absolute integrity."


Paul Bush


The Pop House

Welcome to The Pop House! We make our ice pops from scratch locally in Tulsa using natural, high-quality ingredients to create delicious and unique flavors. We are all about creating community and spreading love through our pops and your experiences at our shops! We try to always stock plenty of options for any allergy, preference or palate and we love sourcing our ingredients from other local businesses when we can. We are always experimenting with new flavors, so check back often as we rotate the menu throughout the season.

Transcendent Tulsa

Transcendent Tulsa creates experiential spaces for exploration of self and to elevate the human potential. We offer classes, workshops, retreats, and personalized experiences and events for individuals and groups to tap into non-ordinary states of consciousness, self-exploration, feelings of well-being and deep relaxation. Our offerings are extensive and include but are not limited to: Lucia Light sessions, Breathwork, Gong and bowl baths, shamanic journeying, Reiki certifications/classes, Channeling classes, Spiritual development and experiential groups and other multi-dimensional fun.

School of Metaphysics

The School of Metaphysics was brought into the world in 1973 as a place where all people of all backgrounds could come to study, learn, teach, research the ways to live in harmony with the Universal Laws that govern creation.  It is a 501(c)(3) educational institute of higher learning.

Mr. Nice Guys

Mr Nice Guys Food Truck, Catering. The guys behind Mr. Nice Guys are a lot of different things...musicians, dads, surfers, animal lovers...but there's one thing that they all have in common. They all are  passionate about sharing good food and vibes with everyone around them. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and try them out. 

Tacos, nachos, quesadillas, Mac & cheese, chips and dips all freshly made from quality ingredients.

Climb Tulsa

Climb Tulsa is Tulsa's indoor climbing facility. Our vision is to provide a fun and educational atmosphere for climbing.

Karma Collective

Karma Collective is more than just a yoga lifestyle apparel company. It stands for spreading positivity and inspiration through the messages that we incorporate in our designs. It is about empowering each and every person who wears one of our items to be mindful of karma, and to spread only good vibes, because what you put out in the world, will eventually come back to you!

Anchored BHC


Koory Organics

In April 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage IIB, Grade 3, IDC & DCIS Breast Cancer.  I have two children and knew right away I would do everything in my power to survive, thrive & see them have children of their own someday.  It was a very personal choice for me to go the all natural route. After much reading& research, off to the kitchen I went! I created "Grace", an all natural body oil and used on myself and my scars.  Not only was it serving its primary purpose of keeping my skin moisturized, fine lines were disappearing and my scars were soon to fade, (so much so my reconstructive surgeon was amazed and asked me to bring some to his office)  plus, my skin always had a glow.  So this, is the story of Koory Organics.  We believe that what you put on your body truly is as important as what you put in it! 

Bella Skin & Lash Studio

Licensed aesthetician, whose passion is to enhance your natural beauty with facials, eyelash extensions, body waxing, reflexology, and body wraps.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is the only meditation that is absolutely effortless, taught exclusively by certified teachers, evidence-based, and guaranteed. With over 180+ teaching locations around the US, chances are there is a teacher near you - As a non-profit, our mission is to make the TM technique available to everyone.

Good to Great LLC

Coupled with my training as a life coach and years of personal experience and learning are what led me to develop my own unique energetic life coaching technique. Its unlike anything you’ve experienced and its highly effective.

If you’re ready to break through in areas that you’ve felt stuck, then I can help you!

I’ve been solely practicing energetic life coaching for 3 years now and continue to develop new methods every day. My clients constantly reach out to me with excitement to tell me about the results they’re seeing in their lives!

Ocean's Echo Reiki & Wellness

Ocean's Echo Wellness offers Reiki Healing, Chakra Therapy, Guided Group Meditations, Mentoring, and programs and products that support emotional, mental and spiritual growth, healing and wellness.

Mystical Matthew

The Heart of Matthew’s abilities, offerings, and healing's are to render the Divine experience undeniably within your own being.  It should be an experience that lingers for days, that provides an unassailable lightness to your being.  A mixture of emotional, physical, and, at times most important, spiritual healing.  So many of us have become burdened with thoughts and beliefs that have cauterized our experience to life so much so we need a mystic to shake us from our own limits.  We have a gentle faith in healing but, perhaps, less conviction than that which comes with a lifetime of mystical healing.  It can be a great fortune to run into one great mystic in a lifetime, and I speak personally to say that I believe Matthew is a great fortune in a land where so many have lost faith in Jesus, the power of Presence, and their individual ability to experience God.


Reset your metabolism, break your addiction to foods, detox your body, clean your digestivetract & build muscle! Expect to lose 5-20lbs in just 10 days!!!

The Yoga Room Tulsa

Calling All Truth Seekers, Love Warriors, and Freedom Fighters. We are Better Together. We offer classes throughout the day 7 days a week! We have been offering yoga to Tulsa since 2000 and now inhabit a brand new space on 44th & Peoria with plenty of parking. Our diverse community welcomes all levels and many styles. Rooftop classes (March-September) are held at 15th just east of Peoria, above Rustic Cuff at 8:30a.m on Saturdays.

Butters Sweet Treats

Butters Sweet Treats is Tulsa's premiere spot for shaved ice, delicious drinks, homemade ice cream, and more! Our fresh and fun menu will have you saying, "It's Better at Butters!"

Awaken Wellness

Our mission at Awaken Wellness is to support our patient’s health structurally, nutritionally, and emotionally in order to inspire a well-balanced and abundant life. You can heal. We can help.

Healthy Roots Dentistry

Our goal is to provide the highest standards of holistic health care to individuals and families by addressing the needs of the individual client with understanding and respect through our assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Zova | Zovabody

ZOVA is therapeutic movement. It is designed to take you from pain and get you moving again.

We have the motto: Movement is Life. ZOVA has roots in chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and rehab with a movement focus. We love integrating ideas from yoga, physical therapeutics, dance and kettlebells to help our clients move better. Common activities that we work with are running, cycling, triathlons, dance, martial arts, strength training, CrossFit, basketball and soccer. However, we are not just sports-based, we are movement-based. Our goal is to get you out of pain, moving better, faster.


HOTWORX is a virtually instructed exercise program created for users to experience the many benefits of infrared heat absorption, while completing a 30-minute isometric workout or 15-min High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. As the infrared heat penetrates your body causing you to sweat, the isometric postures further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from your organs through muscle contraction. The results our users achieve make HOTWORX one of the most efficient 30-minute workout programs in the fitness and beauty industry today!

Garden Deva

From table-toppers to garden gates, business signs to the Best of Tulsa Voice awards, we specialize in customized metal art and sculpture. We provide one-of-a-kind pieces, like address numbers for your home or a memorial piece for a family member or pet. We are also able to take on larger, bulk projects - including fundraisers for schools and hospitals!
​Need a suggestion for your needs? Contact us at or 918-592-3382 during business hours and we would love to be of assistance. Nothing is too funky or too ordinary for us! 


Poppi’s is a new and unique spa that provides wellness and holistic self-care tools to people, who want relief from stress, lifestyle changes or health-related distress. We offer a broad range of skin and body services, as well as an amenities circuit, including an infrared sauna, salt therapy and color therapy.

Green Zebra Bowl Company

Welcome to Green Zebra Bowl Company, Tulsa’s food truck concept that is all about fun, fresh and wholesome, plant-forward food. When you choose Green Zebra Bowl Co., you get fast, convenient food that you can feel good about eating. We source from local farmers and organic producers to bring you the freshest, most nutritious ingredients possible. We minimize the use of highly processed ingredients such as refined sugar, oil and bleached flour. And, we take care of our planet through recycling, composting and careful selection of all non-food items including packaging, utensils and drink assortment. Please give us a ‘like’, ‘share’ our story with your friends and watch for updates to learn about the launch of our truck. Can’t wait to see you on the road!

Julia's Jewels

I create jewelry using gemstones, Swarovski crystals, pearls and glass. I study the healing properties of the stones to ensure that there will be a harmonious quality about the piece. I want to make jewelry that is affordable yet be very fashionable. like the idea of having jewelry that can be dressed up or down. I love to watch people try on the jewelry because you can see a change in their posture after putting on one piece. It feels good to know that I have created something that will help that person feel good inside and out.

Jenks Acro Tribe

Our vision is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for our students to grow and develop, not only in improving their skills in the circus arts, but also in strength of character. We offer three main things, the opportunity to safely learn breathtaking skills from highly trained instructors, a space focused on encouragement over competition, and most importantly to foster a sense of community and belonging.

R N' R Wellness

Massage therapy and full body stretching.

Tensegrity Chiropractic

Tensegrity Chiropractic, So much more than chiropractic.  Having pain during a yoga pose? Stop by the tent to meet Team Tensegrity and receive complementary soft tissue treatments and taping services. All three doctors in our office utilize an in-depth assessment to address physical and emotional pain giving you the support needed to improve your practice both on and off the mat. Follow Dr. Marina Mangano @chiroyogaflow in the meantime for more information on the services offered at this local sports chiropractic clinic.

Shine Yoga Studio

Our vision is community. Our hope is freedom on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Flow with ease & effort on your mat and in your life. Shine on.  

Epic Connection Chiropractic

ECC was founded to re-connect a population that has become so disconnected when it comes to health, interpersonal connection and true healing. We focus on removing interference in the Central Nervous System, allowing the body to heal itself naturally!

Comida, Sol, y Vida (food truck)

Hello! We are Comida, Sol, y Vida, a family run Latin American food business based in Tulsa, Ok. We are currently operating from our very own food trailer!  Many of our recipes maintain the traditional, authentic, Honduran flavor while adapting a modified, health-conscious alternative. We offer a vegetarian option for our Honduran tamal and for our Paella (Spanish rice). Our menu is simple and usually consists of one or two main entrees and some side items.

Be Love Yoga Studio

Be Love Yoga Studio nurtures self-discovery, self-growth, and self-acceptance, through the practice of yoga. We believe that this growing conscious community will inspire positive worldwide change for the benefit of all beings. "Be the change" is more than just an idea, it is how we change the world and that is why we choose to Be Love. Join us, your first two weeks of unlimited yoga is only $20. Sign up now at

Smoke Henna Designs

Henna art for your body.  Danielle is a yoga teacher and a leader at the Big Om Yoga Retreats.  What started as a hobby has turned into a small side passion.  Donations accepted.

Inspyral Entertainment

Inspyral provides breathtaking entertainment for any event! Staggering light shows and sizzling fire performances can be tailored to light up any party.  We met at Andrews park in Norman, Oklahoma on a warm, spring day in 2012. Kelsey had been hula hooping in solitude when a friend told her about the group of unicyclists and jugglers that meets at the park to play. She showed up with her hoops, and the rest is history. They have been performing together for 3 years, and started Inspyral LLC in January of 2015 to inspire people with their performances and sharing their love for flow arts with people of all ages. Jeremy proposed soon after, while on an outing to teach Kelsey how to unicycle.

Radiant Temple Reiki

I am trying to make yoga fun and accessible to everyone and also experience the soothing warmth reiki has to offer. Both combined make for a killer self-care routine! The yoga instructor obtained her RYT 200hr certification for Power Vinyasa through the Yoga Alliance in 2016. She has been a instructor with The Melting Spot, Tranquility Yoga, YogaFit, and heads out to Oologah lake to teach Paddleboard Yoga on Saturdays. The Reiki healer attends reiki shares around Tulsa and is always looking for new clients and a place to set up shop. Learn about Reiki here

Longevity Effect

Longevity Effect is an escape from everyday stress and pursues total wellness through healing services for the mind and body. Our Philosophy is that a focus on general health and wellness today will help reduce long-term health issues and associated costs. To accomplish this, we have collaborated with a team of healthcare professionals to ensure that you attain you full health potential.

Bhakti Yoga Tulsa

We are a yoga community offering kirtan, vegetarian feasts, and transcendental philosophy.

Bhakti means loving devotion. Yoga means to connect with the supreme. Our aim is to practice, and share, the process of connecting to the supreme absolute truth through love and devotion.

Meet-ups weekly on Tues., Weds., & Thurs. 

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