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The Big Om Yoga Retreat is more than just a fun vacation away from normal life. "Why can't we always live like this?" is something you will hear and feel at any of our retreats. The truth is, we can live like this. The Big Om Yoga Retreat and the people who come are part of a growing conscious community who feel the need for change in our world.

If you turn on the news you will see and hear about the latest tragedies, and fear is almost always the headline. Fear will make you feel scared, lonely, and isolated. Community is the answer to end fear and division.

When we come together to eat, breath, and move, we feel something. We connect to ourselves and those around us. The bonds made at these retreats are real and long lasting. The system of support that is created moves with us back in to the "real world", and life gets easier. Life can keep getting easier, it doesn't have to be hard. Keep growing with us at these unique retreats. Stay connected with the new friends you make as we are building a community. Not just an on-line community, but a real life, brick and mortar community where people can live and laugh and be at peace all the time. We live in a world of relativity where struggle and hard times affect everyone, even the people who seem to have it all together. Community provides support and life is easier with help. When we come together we realize we are all struggling with the same issues. "Am I good enough?" "Will I have enough money?" "Will I get that job?" "Will I always be lonely?" You might feel like you are isolated and you are the only one with the dark cloud, but you are not. Moving through life together makes everything better. If you want to help us grow this budding intentional community, email us and let us know how you can help.

Joe Picorale is the creator and founder of the Big Om Yoga Retreat.

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