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A New Way to Live

Big Om Yoga Retreat is different than other yoga retreats. At each retreat, a unique, robust, and supportive community is formed. People connect deeply with themselves and each other over the three-days. This kind of community creates a safe space for people to explore, relax, delve deeper, open up, shed layers, try new things, let go and become more. Within a short span of time, the beauty and fullness of these experiences can and do change lives.

Last October, the time at the Fall Big Om Yoga Retreat had a lasting effect. The community that was created was so visceral, it fostered the growth of monthly community meetings in Tulsa, OK with the purpose to form a fulltime intentional community within the area. The people involved have formed the Coalition for Intentional Community (CIC). Although the Big Om Yoga Retreat spurred its creation, CIC is not a replacement for or affiliated with the Big Om Yoga Retreat. The retreats are still seasonal yoga retreats growing in their own unique way and continuing to create their own distinct, blissful, and rich experiences.

The Coalition for Intentional Community has taken a natural evolution and is made up of a board of directors, investors, and future members. Most recently, CIC is proposing a land purchase option for those interested in a piece of property in Osage County, OK, ten minutes from downtown Tulsa. The heart of CIC is simple--to create a community promoting inner growth and connection with others and the world. The members of the community will have an environment to be, to connect, and to grow. CIC believes that amazing things can happen by simply allowing people a space to come back to their true selves. This is kind of environment is already evident in the great and joyous experiences taking place each season within the communities created at the Big Om Yoga Retreat.

The Coalition for Intentional Community is open to hear from and connect with anyone interested in becoming a part of our growing community. To learn more, visit Coalition for Intentional Community on Facebook or email us at:

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