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The Union Within

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine by Derrick Jone

Writing freely Freefalling Calling out with no answer I am a dancer Moon in Cancer Like my mother’s disease Take over me with ease Show me how to receive Believe Achieve Relieve Relieve this massive burden Sometimes I feel like Tyler Durden Always fighting But no one talks about it That’s the rule That’s the role And it takes a toll It casts shadows on my soul that prevent me from feeling whole I am my own mother And my own father I always had to be Nobody else could be bothered That doesn’t bother me now Those trials and traumas showed me how How to not only survive, but thrive Why two when I could do five? It makes me feel alive! This view is not contrived to soften old wounds 20/20 hindsight, all the way back to the womb I’m tired of grooming and giving room for my fears I’m crying inside and just want room for my tears To finally release this weight I’ve shouldered for years This is my year to tear free from the binding of society A blinding duality And just accept reality Unity The union of me, with me


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