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Formula for Transformation

Fate + Divinity = Destiny

This is the formula for transformation. Having a destiny does not eliminate the power we have as co-creators or remove the responsibility for our own lives.

Fate is the context, history, and demographics we are both born with and gain along life’s journey. We must recognize our relationship to fate, not as our curse, but as the essential conditions to unlock our unique destiny.

Divinity is expressed and embodied as an expansive awareness in the present moment. Being present to unity, love, abundance, inner being, joy, and grace simply by remembering this is our true divine destiny.

Destiny is the co-created journey where we embody our fate and divine spark to transform disillusionment and remind ourselves (and others) of our divinity. Destiny unlocks transformation by acceptance of both our fate and our divinity.

Fate + Divinity = Destiny

The first step to transformation is to accept the fate we have been given.

Here is a metaphor. Fate is the cards we were dealt at birth and throughout life, and destiny is enjoying the game. The end is also our means. To enjoy the game, we must accept the cards we have and then engage ourselves in transforming what we recognize isn’t vibrating at the level of our divinity.

Say one of those cards was being raised in a family with poor attachment and communication skills. To play your hand would be to recognize the truth of the card. See it is part of your life story but not the rule set in stone for all future relationships you may have.

In that moment of acceptance, you have unlocked the power to transform that legacy and culture. The sacred voice within may guide you to therapy, meditation, or yoga. In this journey you may realize that it’s not just your family that displays distance and distrust, but also your larger community. As you walk the path of transformation you model movement; movement from stagnant and brittle to an open-heart, eager to co-create, beloved community.

See how that works? First, you’re accepting you weren’t modeled love or healthy relationships, and it opens the opportunity to seek healing. Through that movement you inspire yourself and a community. Had you not embarked on this journey, you would not be living the whole and supple life of your destiny.

To deny our fate is to reject our destiny. What you resist, persists. What you accept and engage, transforms.

Fate + Divinity = Destiny

More examples to capture this formula: Elements of our fate are unchangeable, but our relationship to them is forever in our hands. Let’s talk oppression and privilege. We all are on spectrums of privilege and oppression. A pansexual man is privileged in gender, but also bears weight from a heteronormative society. Here is how fate and destiny work with our privileges and oppressions.

Say you have a privilege and feel attacked by those without the upper hand you didn’t even ask for. Activists and minorities remind you of your privileges. To admit them would feel like validating the embarrassing and even guilt crushing actions of your ancestors, or your unwarranted good fortune. Yikes.

My dear, lets utilize the formula. To deny one’s fate (the cards in your hands) would be to pass-up on one’s destiny, so there’s only one way through and it’s to lean in. Alright, yes, you’re white, or a man, or upper middle-class, or educated, or able bodied, or any other privilege in our society. Yes, and this is the portal to transformation. You see that this is an outcome of the systems of oppression still embedded in our society that runs off greed, fear, anxiety, and isolation. You commit to your part--to personally deconstruct the lies attached to this privilege and thus re-enter the human family as a healing being, embodying your divinity and fate.

Now you are also queer, a woman, an immigrant, inter-sex, trans, a person of color, disabled, poor, uneducated, or otherwise a minority in a western, capitalist, patriarch society. Beloved, you too have the option to accept the cards you have. No matter what you do, you can’t change your race, an immigrant can’t change their history, and no amount of wealth can erase the time you spent in poverty.

You can’t change these cards, but you can change your relationship to them. You can embrace your skin, culture, sexuality, gender and opt out of group conscience. You can step back and see society is sick with the diseases of hate, fear, and the illusion of separateness. You also see that we lack awareness of our divinity and unity. As a minority you may feel isolated, erased, or poorly represented in media and the public eye. When we embrace our fate and our divinity, we challenge the world to grow out of fear consciousness into love consciousness.

You see? Our fate is our relationship to life that ties us to our destiny. This acceptance incites engagement! We are invited into a sustainable, co-creating and life-giving posture with life. From this position we have the skills to welcome and process what we face, be it natural disaster, death, new job, talent, or whatever.

If you wish to learn more you may be interested in reading Michael Mead’s writings on fate and destiny.

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