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My First Time at the Big Om

I attended the first ever Big Om Yoga Retreat in Summer 2016. I signed up for it within a week of when it was announced. I was so excited, but when the time came to actually leave my home, I started having second thoughts. I didn’t know anyone else going. I had never been to a yoga retreat before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was fairly new to the yoga community. I had tons of excuses NOT to go, but I ended up going despite my many uncertainties because I was ready to move outside my comfort zone.

Kris Wyatt at the Summer Retreat

Once I was there, my uncertainties shrank away and I was immediately drawn into the energy of an event built on acceptance, sharing, kindness, and love. I was able to connect with others who shared the same needs, fears, and challenges that I did. And being in such a beautiful place, surrounded by nature, heightened each experience. I like how John Muir says, “In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks.” I discovered this daily.

I experienced things like practicing sunrise yoga, making music under a full moon, and simply walking the grounds. The tranquility in just seeing the wildlife and breathing the air was restorative. It was a great opportunity to unplug from my day-to-day reality. Over the three days, I stepped out of my zone of comfort and met new people, tried new things, and built connections with many yogis and friends who have continued to encourage my growth.

Connecting at the retreat

Since that first weekend, I have attended each of the other Big Om Yoga Retreats, and I am so looking forward to the next one. At each retreat, I connect with new people and have amazing experiences. I love how diverse and informative the workshops are, and the leaders are very genuine in their desire to share. There is truly something for everyone, at any level. The entire Big Om experience is casual, friendly, and a wonderful opportunity to be fully immersed in a community looking to make the world a

better place.

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