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5 Ways to Know If You Are Paying Too Much for a Yoga Retreat

Wanting to spend the week or weekend at an affordable yoga retreat? Maybe you are

looking for a meditation retreat filled with mental relaxation. Or for an affordable yoga

retreat that offers fun and playful activities. How do you know if the quick getaway you

are interested in is a good deal for your wallet? Get ready to do some math. Here is an

easy to follow checklist for all kinds of yoga retreats:

Partner stretches at the Big Om Yoga Retreat

1. Compare the Retreat to a Vacation. If you were to travel to the same

destination (whether locally or across the ocean) and stay there for the same amount of

days, how does it compute? You need to look at what all the yoga retreat includes. Most

yoga retreats include the cost for overnight stay, food, and some leisure activities like

access to a lake, nature walks, or the hotel pool. Keep that in mind when you are totaling

expenses. It’s okay if it’s not exact. Just do the best you can. Write down the prices of all

the yoga retreat accommodations as if you were to stay in that same area and pay for the

same things separately. Do not include any additional expenses not included in the yoga

retreat package, such as travel. That is for a later step. Add up the numbers, and write

down the total. When you’re ready, move on to step number 2.

2. What is the Cost of Materials and Resources? Yoga retreats are special in the

accessibility of so many amazing classes, workshops, and events that are available to you

all at once. Think about this like you would a weekend conference. When you consider

the price for a conference, it includes the speakers, the materials, and the value of the

information has for you. The same goes for an affordable yoga retreat. How much would

it cost you to attend that workshop or yoga class locally? Most likely around 15 to 35

dollars per event or more, depending. Now multiply that by how many you will attend at

the yoga retreat. For instance, a full day at a yoga retreat may include a morning yoga

class ($15), three workshops throughout the day ($30 each), and an evening ceremony or

event ($20). Together, that’s $125 for that day if you were to attend those workshops

locally. Take the total from step 1 and add it to your total for step 2. How does the

combined total compare to the actual price of the yoga retreat? The yoga retreat should be

a better deal.

Community building fun at the Big Om Yoga Retreat

3. Keep in Mind any Additional Expenses. You now have a good idea how

affordable the yoga retreat is. Next step is to take a look at any additional expenses.

Maybe the yoga retreat involves camping, but you need to purchase a tent. Maybe the

retreat is across in another state, and travel is an additional expense. Maybe the yoga

retreat does not include all the meals you will need, or you will need to bring a yoga mat,

but you don’t have one. Write down these kinds of expenses and add them to the total of

the yoga retreat. How does it look? That is the dollar amount you will really be spending

for the yoga retreat. Are you looking at an affordable yoga retreat yet? Now for the final

two steps.

4. You Don’t Have to Plan Anything. One of the best parts about a yoga retreat is

that unlike a vacation, you don’t have to plan anything! Nope, you just have to show up.

The best yoga retreats have everything ready for you when you arrive: a check in table, a

room key, a bracelet or pass to the available workshops, and, the best part, a schedule.

The yoga retreat schedule is like your golden ticket. Even if all of the workshops and

yoga classes are available to you locally, you don’t have to worry about planning for

them individually or traveling to and from. Ask yourself, is the ease of showing up and

having a schedule of events waiting for me worth the price of the ticket? If it is, you may

be ready for your next weekend of rejuvenation.

5. Are the Experiences Worth the Price? The final thing to consider when

deciding on the price you are willing to spend on a yoga retreat is the opportunity of

having your own personal experiences. Of course, it’s impossible to put a price on

experience, but we can try. Take a look at the yoga retreat schedule. The best yoga

retreats ease you in, guide you deeper, and allow you time to both reflect and connect

with the others there. You can reach places of healing, restore your peace, let go of old

hurts, and reset your mind. These are experiences you should expect to have at a yoga

retreat. Take a look at the yoga retreat website or reviews for feedback from people who

have been before. Do you know anyone who has gone to the retreat you are looking at?

Contact them and ask about their experience. If you are unsure, contact the retreat center

by phone or email; ask them your questions, and tell them your concerns. If they care

about you and your experience, they will be open with you and take the time to give you

as much feedback as you need.

Be brave, do some math, take some time to consider what you want from your yoga

retreat, and delve in to find out if the yoga retreat you are interested in offers those things.

An affordable yoga retreat will keep you from spending more money than you need to,

but a great yoga retreat will be both affordable and accessible to you no matter where you

are at in your yoga or spiritual journey. Keep that in mind as you search and ask around

for what yoga retreat is the best option for your wallet and your inner journey.

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