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How to Pick Your Workshops for the Summer Big Om Yoga Retreat

This June, the Big Om Yoga Retreat will be held in Sequoyah State Park over the weekend of June 16-18. This retreat will be the biggest yet, and the schedule is jammed full of fun, play, and celebration. There will be lots of people attending, and the workshops on Saturday will be happening simultaneously throughout the day. This means you’ll have to pick and choose what you want to do on your big day. Don’t wait until Saturday morning to glance at the schedule for the first time. Some of the workshops require pre-registration and slots are already filling up. Follow this quick guide to help you decide what workshops you want to participate in. You can always decide when you’re there to do something else, but having a good idea before you come can make you feel prepared and ensure your spot for any of the workshops where spots are limited.

Morning practice at the Spring Big Om Yoga Retreat

The first thing to consider when looking at the schedule is where the teacher is from. There are teachers coming in from across Arkansas, Oklahoma City, and Dallas for the Summer Big Om Yoga Retreat. If one teacher or class is from an area local to you, and the other is not, try something new and go to a teacher that you would not normally have the ability to experience.

Along with that, think about going for a workshop you do not typically have access to. Have you ever tried slack lining, stand up paddle boarding, or a lyra class? Do you live in an area where this kind of workshop is offered regularly, or is there one that is not normally available in your area? Be sure and make your decision beforehand because many of these classes require pre-registration.

Keep your energy level in mind. The Summer Big Om Yoga Retreat is designed to be fun, playful, and active. However, you don’t want to over exert yourself. There is a range of different kinds of workshops available to mix and match to your physical needs and abilities.

Don’t forget to plan ahead for what your friends will be doing. If you are traveling with a group and you all want to go stand up paddle boarding together, coordinate with your yommies (yoga + hommies), and pre-register for any workshops you want to attend soon!

Many of the classes will be outside, so keep location in mind as well when looking at the schedule. It’s a full, busy day that will extend into the night. Most likely you don’t want to be outside all day--or maybe not even half the day. Be sure and plan for the warm June sun.

Slack line at the Summer 2016 Big Om Yoga Retreat

Lastly, make a note of the workshops you plan on attending (on paper or on your phone), so when you arrive you won’t forget what it is you want to do. Final tip is to leave space in the weekend to check out Sequoyah State Park. There’s a swim beach, pool, walking trails, restaurant, and more activities provided by the park and lodge. Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit because the pool is a short walk from the hotel lobby.

The Big Om Summer Retreat is going to be an exhilarating, revitalizing, amazing, fun, and fantastic weekend we are all very excited to experience with you. So most important, come with the intention to try something new, be playful, and have a shit ton of fun.

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